Naturally healthy treats

Natural, tasty healthy and tasty treats for dogs and cats

100% premium meat, human grade quality, without any additives or preservatives. Available in three meat variants: Chicken, Duck and Turkey.

AYLA Delight is
more than delicacies

The motivator of the highest instance

AYLA delight treats provide a taste experience that dogs and cats constantly indulge in. They work great as a handy snack.

Monoprotein delicacies from 3 types of meat: Turkey, Duck and Chicken

Each product is created from only one type of meat of the highest quality.

Hypoallergenic and indicated on exclusionary diets

Our products are mono-protein, which makes them easily digestible and accepted by sensitive digestive systems, additionally they can be used during BARF.

Pure composition, without any additives

Short composition and without any additives. No GMO, wheat, antibiotics, preservatives, dyes.

Suitable and safe at every stage of life

Our products are suitable for both puppies and seniors, also for dogs with allergies, elimination diets and in the recovery process.

All the nutritional values preserved in the delicacies

Our products are freeze-dried, so they retain all the nutritional values, and a long shelf life without preserving preservatives. They can be stored outside the refrigerator.

When you delight

Products AYLA Delight

AYLA Delight
Delicacies from Turkey

Turkey Breast Fillet, Turkey Thigh Fillet, Turkey Medallions, Turkey Hearts and Turkey Stomachs.

AYLA Delight
Delicacies from Chicken

Chicken breast fillet, Chicken thigh fillet, Chicken thigh fillet with skin, Chicken hearts, Chicken stomachs.

AYLA Delight
Delicacies from Ducks

Duck breast fillet with skin, Duck hearts, Duck stomachs

The best ingredients, for the best quality


All the taste of meat preserved in delicacies

That is why we have created AYLA delicacies that are a great addition to the diet and are a healthy addition to it.


Our products contain only one ingredient — meat

We only use human-grade raw materials to ensure the highest quality of our products.


Treats can be healthy and even should be

Most treats on the market contain ingredients that are harmful to dogs and cats; in AYLA the only ingredient is meat.