For dogs and cats supporting recovery and well-being

An innovative product supporting nutritional recovery for dogs and cats and their general well-being.

AYLA Help is support

Sprinkle on top of each meal to make it even tastier.

A great valuable, healthy and tasty addition to the daily diet, for those more demanding.

For the more active

Freeze-dried meat contains not only proteins, but also other key nutrients, such as iron and zinc, which support the regeneration processes of muscles and other tissues.

Add to a meal if your pet has appetite problems

Ayla HELP, thanks to the lyophilization process, preserves the nutrients in the meat better than some other heat treatment methods. Meat retains most of the proteins, vitamins and essential amino acids.

Monoprotein, one-component or a unique combination of meat and offal

AYLA HELP is very attractive to dogs and cats because they offer a taste and texture more similar to their natural diet, which is especially beneficial for picky animals.

Pure composition, without any additives

Short composition and without any additives. No GMO, wheat, antibiotics, preservatives, dyes.

Suitable and safe at every stage of life

Our products are suitable for both puppies and seniors, also for dogs with allergies, elimination diets and in the recovery process.

All the nutritional values preserved in the delicacies
zachowane w naszych produktach 

Our products are freeze-dried, so they retain all the nutritional values, and a long shelf life without preserving preservatives. They can be stored outside the refrigerator.

When you help

AYLA Help Products

Ayla Help


Recovery Food Single is a mono-protein, natural product, which is an element of the diet that affects the improvement of appetite, recommended with increased activity of the body, as well as the gradual recovery of dogs and cats.

Ayla Help


Recovery Food Blend is a high-protein and nutritious formula of selected turkey meat and liver, which, when used during periods of increased activity of the body, as well as the recovery process, improves the well-being of cats of different ages.

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Enrich the diet of your dog and cat


Health served with every serving

An addition to a portion of food that provides not only flavor, but also key nutrients! It allows to be served in loose form with food, or in hydrated form as a restorative meal


We turn ordinary meals into extraordinary taste experiences

Add our product to the feed so that every meal is a feast for the senses of your pet, and in addition, guarantee support in nutrition, with problems with appetite, periodontal disease.


Our products have one ingredient - meat!

100% meat as the key to better health and fitness of your dog or cat!