our mission

We create for the love of animals

AYLA is a Polish brand of freeze-dried products for dogs and cats, which continues to develop, driven by love for four-legged friends and passion for their health. Our products are not only the result of a commitment to quality, but also a story of friendship and concern for their health.

Our History

Our story begins with Ayla

AYLA delicacies were created with our Irish setter Ayla in mind. Unfortunately, Ayla from puppy age had serious health problems, so she required the use of a specialized diet, as well as the selection of quality products.



Illness Ayla inspired us to create a brand AYLA

Ayla was diagnosed with extrahepatic portolateral anastomosis. On February 7, 2022, an operation was performed that saved Ayla's life and gave her a chance for long and happy canine years.

We carry the mission of creating the best food and treats for animals

Our products can be enjoyed by pets, while being safe for them and supporting their health. They consist only of selected, high-protein meat subjected to a lyophilization process, so that it retains all the nutritional values.

Taking care of the health and life of our canine friend, we have created a unique food for dogs and cats

Ayla is an ambassador of the AYLA brand, because after many necessary hospitalizations, it was thanks to our treats that she was back in shape. The “clean” meat of a high-protein product allowed the body to recover quickly without burdening the digestive system.

AYLA is a brand created for the love of dogs that loves cats!

Our story begins with a dog story, but does not end there. Currently, we have created many products that take care of the health of both dogs and cats.

Sawrina & Ayla

In the photo, the founder Sawrina Woś and Ayla from whom our story began.

We are all pets owners — no exceptions!

That is why we care so much about the quality of our products. Our dogs and cats are part of the team — they are the first testers and reviewers.

Meet the team